Concrete is quickly becoming one of the most popular types of finished flooring surfaces due both to its resilience and the ability to create a wide variety of decorative finishes. This includes coloring, polishing, and decorative scoring to really make your concrete surfaces stand out.

Surface Renew is dedicated to staying on the leading edge of technology, equipment, tooling, and chemicals to ensure we keep up with the rapidly growing industry. Our commitment to quality, professionalism and job site execution is matched by none.

Garage Floors
No longer does your garage floor have to be dull and boring! Consider diamond polished concrete not just for looks but extreme durability and ease of maintenance. Did you know up to 50% of the dust in your garage comes from the concrete itself? Our process and treatments stop this reducing the amount of dust your garage is exposed too. Call today for more information or to receive a no-cost, no-obligation quote.

Warehouses/Industrial Facilities
Manufacturing Plants and Work Shops often have very large facilities. It is simply cost prohibitive to do a 7 step diamond grind & densification (harden & dust-proof) to produce a low maintenance, easy to clean & work-on surface. We have developed a “hybrid” process that reduces cost yet does so much more than just densify. Please call for more information.

It is always our goal to work with your specific needs and budget to afford the best solution for your concrete floor needs. Each and every situation is unique and each and every customer has different needs. We don’t want to slap a label on a process and say “here you go,” rather we want to work with you, understand your needs and customize a solution that is just right.

The advances in technique and technology allow us almost limitless possibilities for graphics and design. Create your own custom look or let us help you design an appearance that is right for you!

Snap Shot of Services:
– Diamond Polished Concrete Floors
– Color/Seal Concrete Floors
– Floor Prep (Removal, grinding)
– MicroFinish Overlays
– Epoxies
– Decorative Scoring
– Crack/Chip/Hole Repair
– Densification (surface hardening)
– Interior/Exterior
– Commercial, Residential & Industrial
– Periodic Maintenance

Concrete Polishing 101
To achieve a diamond polished concrete floor, it takes a combination of mechanical grinding, proper diamond abrasives and chemical treatments. Proper grinding is the key to a successfully polished concrete floor. However, chemical treatment is the key to longevity & protection. It takes a hefty setup to take on polished concrete. We’ve spent years researching and investing to be fully capable of executing jobs of any size. There is no job too small or too large.

In addition to proper mechanical grinding, chemical treatments offer increased abrasion resistance, harden the surface and seal it greatly increasing it’s durability against any setting. We are certified & use a wide variety of companies who offer great concrete treatment products.

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